Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Survivre avec les loups

Survivre avec les loups (2007)

Другие названия:
Surviving with Wolves (English title)
Выжить с волками (Russia)
Режиссер: Véra Belmont
Год: 2007
Страна: Франция
Время: 118 минут
Жанр: Drama

Director: Véra Belmont
Starring: Mathilde Goffart
Synopsis: The movie tells about 8-years-old Jewish Misha, a girl that in 1941 travels from Belgium into Germany, Poland, and Ukraine searching for her parents.

"Survivre avec les loups" dramatizes the incredible true story of a 8-year-old Jewish girl from Brussels named Misha Defonseca (Mathilde Goffart). In the year 1941, Misha's parents are deported by the Nazis; left behind, she protects herself by seeking refuge with another Belgian family, but in time this also proves futile, and to escape detection and capture Misha hearkens off, by herself, into the European wilderness. Thus begins a 3,000 mile, four year journey across Europe, that finds this young girl subsisting on stolen crops and befriended by packs of wild wolves.

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